When baking, I often find recipes from the US which use ‘cups’ instead of grams. Baking is an area which provides lots of opportunities for children to use their maths skills.


1 cup = 220g

  • How many grams in 1/2 cup, 1/4 cup, 1/8 cup, 3/4 cup etc.
  • My weighing scales only measures in grams. Convert the ‘cups’ to grams for the above recipe.
  • This recipe is for 16 cupcakes. I want to make double/half this – change the ingredients to suit the new recipe.


  • If I start preparing and mixing the ingredients at 2.15pm. What time should the preparation be finished if it takes 35 minutes?
  • If I put the cupcakes into the oven at 3pm. What time will they be finished if they take 18-20 minutes?