2nd in the series of my ‘Maths Around Me’ posts. The first was based on the Swimming Pool. My commute to work is spent in queues on the M50 so gives me lots of time to think/develop my road rage.

Some maths topics that could be covered using the ‘motorway’.



  • The motorway is 56km long. If the distance between each exit is equal and there are 8 exits – what is the distance between each one?
  • If a car merges onto the motorway at Junction 3 and leaves the motorway at Junction 7. How far does the car travel?


Operations (+ – x ÷)

  • If there are 176 cars on the motorway with 3 people in each car. How many people are on the motor way?
  • There are 198 cars on the motorway at Junction 3. 72 enter at Junction 5 and 93 exit at Junction 7. How many cars are left on the motorway?


  • If 1 litre of petrol costs €1.18. How much would 45 litres cost?
  • The toll costs €1.50 for a car. €3.60 for a bus and €5.20 for a truck. During a one hour period, 48 cars, 14 buses and 29 trucks pass through the toll. How much money is made?

motorway 3