Maths Time (More EDCO Publications)

When I attended the launch of Bua na Cainte last week, they also had other books available including Maths Time for 1st – 6th class.
This book could be used in addition to the main maths book. It is based around mental maths.
The book is colourful and child-friendly. 

This is the second class book.

Each day is differentiated into 3 sections; blue, green and red. Blue has questions which all children should be able to answer, green is a little bit more difficult so most children should be able to answer and red is a bit trickier.

Words of the week section is helpful to expand children’s maths vocabulary.
There is also a challenge section which provides extra work for early- finishers. 
At the top of the page is a number line with patterns and sequences. 
Overall its a nice book which is appealing to children however it shouldn’t be used as a substitute for mental maths which should be done orally for at least 10 minutes a day. 

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