Maths Week 2018

Maths Week 2018 is just around the corner – 13th to 21st October 2018. This is a great week to celebrate maths in your school and get involved with some fantastic initiatives too. Firstly the Maths Week website is brilliant as you can register your school and get involved in different activities and competitions.

There are a range of puzzles which are all free to download.

Along with some problem solving activities based on real life jobs.

Another very worthwhile thing to get involved in during Maths Week is Mangahigh. (Click on the picture for further details!)


Other ideas;

Maths eyes

Get the children to create their own posters based on different things in the school. e.g. what is the distance between the principals office and the staff room? between the library and the hall? How many stairs are there? If there are three flights of stairs and each flight has 6 steps – how many steps altogether etc.

Maths posters/Maths characters

The children can create posters promoting maths week or create their own characters (maybe based around operations) to help promote maths and integrate Maths and art.

Maths Trail

This is always a great success. Design a maths trail for a younger class or go outside and do a maths trail.


Mondrian, Kandinsky and Esher are three artists we looked at last year. You can find more information here.


I’ve also been busy downloading different resources from Twinkl and here are some of my favourites.

I’m thinking of a number… These differentiated cards will be brilliant for revising place value and the children will really enjoy them.

This is a great mini board game – definitely will be using it in my classroom as a way to revise rounding!

There are some brilliant powerpoints with quick warm up activities too which are great for revision and

These are brilliant for practising addition and subtraction (there are also some available for multiplication and division) as they end with a picture/ colouring activity!

These will be super and good fun. The children can then try to work out their friends name.

There are fantastic – great revision and the children love the challenges with their friends. (Kind of like Top Trumps!)