I’ve been working on my Maths display for the last few days. I find Maths displays difficult/annoying as they need to be changed with every new topic (which at times can mean every week). However, I spent some time on Pinterest and remembered using a ‘Working Wall’ in the UK for a Maths display.


Some displays in our classrooms are to show the childrens work (art work, writing, project work in SESE etc.), some are for themes (e.g. SESE – Vikings, SPHE – Growth Mindset) and some displays should be for reference that the children can look at and use to help them with their work. I think a Maths display should be something that they children can use on a regular basis to help them with their work.

My Maths display currently has some of the things that we are covering/revising and some of the things that a lot of children are finding difficult (finding the whole number in fractions, digital time, division with remainders.)

maths1                                               maths2

Multiples and RUCSAC display


Time display


Multiplication and division


Fractions (equivalent and finding the whole number)


Related facts (multiplication and division)

Overall, I have found the children refer to the display much more in the last few days when completing independent Maths work.