Midterm is just around the corner and Ireland is now in Level 5. I know lots of families and teachers had nice plans for the week off that now have to be put on hold so I wanted to put a blogpost together with some ideas for children and their families to enjoy. I find the simple things are the things the children enjoy most, these are the things they talk about in school – spending time with their family.

I know the next week will be very difficult for lots of parents who are trying to work from home, with limited childcare options and also trying to keep their children busy and entertained within the Level 5 restrictions so hopefully some of these ideas might work well.

It might be an idea to get your children to come up with their own suggestions and write them on strips of paper, fold them up and choose one thing to do each day. (Just to add another fun element to it!)


There’s a huge range of Halloween (or other) movies on Netflix or Disney + or you can rent them on YouTube or Google Play. Get some microwave popcorn and treats too! Sit down as a family and enjoy it!


There are tons of easy recipes for Halloween. Choose your favourite below and get baking!


Head out for a walk, run/jog together. Go on a nature walk in your local area. Do a YouTube workout. Create an obstacle course in the back garden or inside using toys/cushions etc.

Arts and Crafts

There are tons of easy art and craft ideas online. You can get step by step instructions for lots of art projects on YouTube. Here are some of my favourite Halloween ideas!


Is there a DIY Project that your children could help with? It could be as simply as organising the toys/books in their bedroom or playroom.

Board Games

Board games, card games or jigsaw evening with take away or pizza.

Halloween Activities

Pumpkin carving

Sweets hunt

Bob for apples/donuts

Halloween Disco