Mindfulness in the Classroom – A review

Mindfulness is a word that we hear a lot about. From mindfulness colouring pages and books to mindfulness CD’s. I’ve completed a summer course in mindfulness and I’ve read countless articles and blogs promoting the use of mindfulness in the classroom and I’ve tried a few bits and pieces from various sources but never felt what I was doing was ‘right’. I was delighted to see the Mindfulness in the Classroom Book from ABC School Supplies/Just Rewards.


I’ve spent the last two weeks looking through the book and trying out some of the lessons with the children I work with in the resource room and have found the resource to be really great!

The Book

The Book begins with an introduction about mindfulness, the benefits for teachers and students, some ideas on implementing mindfulness and links with the SPHE Curriculum.

The book is divided into 8 units including;

  • Mindful Listening
  • Mindful Breathing
  • Heartfulness/Sending Kind Thoughts
  • Mindful Thinking – Optimism/ Pessimism
  • Mindful Breathing 2
  • Mindful Movement
  • Gratitude
  • Mindful Action

It is intended that each unit will be taught for at least one week.

Each unit has;

  • an overview page
  • a quote/thought of the week (for teachers)
  • a teachers unit
  • teachers reflection page
  • teachers homework (logbook/colouring page)
  • planning page (identifying goals/objectives and intentions)
  • a pupils warm up discussion
  • pupils lesson
  • pupil practice
  • worksheet for pupils
  • areas for curriculum linkage.


There are two CD’s included with the book. The first CD is for teachers and the second is for pupils. There is a very soothing/calming voice which talks you through the steps for the lesson. There is also a written version in the book if you prefer to talk it through.



In the resource room, we started sitting in a circle and had a discussion about mindfulness and what we were going to do during the session. Then each child was given a cushion and they spread out around the room – most of the children opted to lie down. The children had a few minutes to settle themselves and find a comfortable position before the CD was put on. The  following day, we tried mindfulness in a seated position – we just pushed the chair back from the table, the children placed their hands on their laps and their feet on the floor.


How to purchase?

The book can be purchased from ABC School Supplies here. It costs €29.99.

Overall, I’ve found the Mindfulness in the Classroom book by Michele Gallen to be a very useful resource. I like that there are opportunities for the teacher to also practice mindfulness. The book is well structured with good lesson ideas and useful worksheets. The CD’s are great as the children are talked through the lesson. The children I’ve been working with have really enjoyed the lessons and look forward to our mindfulness sessions. 

Thanks to ABC School Supplies for sending me this book for review.

3 thoughts on “Mindfulness in the Classroom – A review

  1. Thank you for this insight – I am really interested in doing more ‘mindfulness’ in the classroom.
    Can you tell me if the lessons are suitable for all class groupings or can they be easily adapted for infants?

    1. Hi Helen,

      The lessons are suitable for all ages from Infants to 6th class as they focus on listening, breathing, kindness, thinking, gratitude and action. The children can listen to the CD and are guided through the mindfulness. The book offers 8 units dealing with different areas of mindfulness and you can make small adaptions to best suit the children you are working with. Niamh

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