Mothers Day is just around the corner. This can be a difficult time for some children so remember to be sensitive.

Some ideas-

I just wrote a blog post about St. Patrick’s Day Shamrocks – there is also a heart version of this from Sugar Bee Crafts.


I love you Mam because….
This is a simple but lovely activity. It is great to get children to think about all the things their mum does for them and to appreciate them.

My all time favourite is ‘A Little Box of Love’

This is a box (wedding favours boxes work well) that children decorate and make themselves. Then they write this little poem inside;

This is a very special gift That you can never see. The reason it’s so special is, It’s just for you from me. Whenever you are happy, or even feeling blue. You only have to hold this gift and know I think of you. You never can unwrap it Please leave the ribbon tied. Just hold the box close to your heart, It’s filled with love inside.

I made these with my 5th Class during my NQT Year and they went down a treat, the children took great care to make them and the parents were thrilled.

Mothers day Poem
Children can write a poem about the mum. They could do an acrostic or a simple poem.
Children could also write similes/metaphors about their mum.