Mothers Day is on the 11th March this year. It can be a difficult day for children and adults who have lost their mothers so its important to be aware of the home situations of the children in your class and maybe instead of the focus on ‘Mothers’ day they could choose a female person who plays an important part in their life – aunt/grandmother/step-mother/ older sister etc.



Children can write a poem about their mother using rhyme, alliteration or an acrostic using the word Mother/Mam/Mum/their mothers name.

Writing prompts

  • What my mam means to me
  • Things I like to do with my mam
  • Important things my mam has taught me
  • Write about the perfect day for your mam
  • One thing I can do to make my mam’s life easier (how can I help out?)
  • What is your favourite memory with your mam?
  • My mam helps me with….


Project work

Children could do a project on their mothers, interview them (link with SESE). Some questions might include;

  • Where did you grow up?
  • How many people were in your family?
  • What was your house like?
  • What is your favourite memory when you were my age?
  • Where did you go to school?
  • What was school like? Is it different to how it is now?


I love this idea. I did this with a 5th class before and they loved it and their mothers loved it too! I used white ‘favour’ boxes and the children decorated them. They then used different coloured ribbon to tie the box together and wrote the poem.