I recently learned that I’ll be moving back to Resource next year so it meant doing a massive packing and organising of resources (again). My previous blog post on organising resources which you can read here.

Moving to resource means I’ll have much less space and won’t need a lot of my resources that I bought/made for the classroom.



If you are moving from 6th class to 3rd class – you don’t need your 6th class resources as most won’t be used with 3rd. Either pack them up and put them in storage or donate them to a colleague.

If you are moving from a classroom to learning support/resource – keep all relevant literacy and numeracy resources and pack up the rest.

Get boxes

Small boxes are easier to transport (it also forces hoarders like me to think carefully about what to keep/dump/give away). Organise your resources into subjects so you can easily find exactly what you need. (You could do an inventory of each box – I didn’t bother but just wrote ‘Art’ or ‘Whiteboards’ on the side of the box – fingers crossed I’ll remember the other bits and pieces in each box)

boxes1 boxes2

New space

Look at the new space that you will have and put the things you hope to keep into the space. You will quickly find out if you have enough space or if you need to box up some other things. As I’ll be in resource I know I’ll need Literacy, Numeracy, Social Skills and Movement resources to support the children I’ll be working with. Unfortunately I won’t get to meet them until September so I have to keep a wide range of resources to cater for the needs of each child. (I may do further organising in September)

I took all the resources out of cupboards and organised them into subjects in the magazine files (from IKEA).


I then started organising – Maths resources on the top shelf, then Literacy and so on. I quickly realised that I wouldn’t have enough space for everything so ended up boxing up the Maths resources for 5th and 6th – hopefully I won’t need them!


Organised at last


Top shelf – Maths resources (I’ll mostly be working with 3rd class so kept all my 3rd class maths books) and lots of practical things (dice, cards, cubes, lollipop sticks, digit cards) and laminated cards and resources.

Second shelf – literacy resources (collection of books, worksheets and resources) I’ll also be keeping my language boxwith me – but didn’t have space in this unit to store it!

Third shelf – Theres lots of resources to support children with gross/fine motor skill development and then a lot of resources to help develop social skills.

Last shelf – Music resources (mostly for extra-curricular groups)

All for storage!


Magazine Files are from Ikea

Small storage boxes from Ikea

Large pink box on bottom shelf from Ikea

Baskets are from Dealz/Mr. Price 


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