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I did a little back to school shop in Mr. Price last July- picking up some essentials like folders and plastic pockets so yesterday I decided to pop in again. Mr. Price is probably my favourite shop for school supplies. They usually have everything I need and more. I have visited most of their Dublin stores at this stage.

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Folders and Filing

These are some of my must have resources. I use the Document Wallets for storing different topics. They are also really handy for resource as each child can have their own folder with their copy, reading book and homework.

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Mr. Price is my go to shop for paper and card. The prices vary slightly but this pack of 50 is €2.49. (I think the 100 pack of paper is similar price) There is probably one of every colour from yellow to asparagus green. I always buy a big pack of the card in the rainbow colours and a big pack of white card too.

thumb_IMG_3277_1024 thumb_IMG_3293_1024

Copies and hardbacks

thumb_IMG_3216_1024 thumb_IMG_3217_1024 thumb_IMG_3214_1024

thumb_IMG_3221_1024 thumb_IMG_3248_1024 thumb_IMG_3213_1024


I love stationery – I have boxes and boxes of pens, pencils, markers, crayons etc. yet every time I go to Mr. Price I buy more! They have everything you could possibly need!

thumb_IMG_3309_1024 thumb_IMG_3310_1024 thumb_IMG_3322_1024

Both the Pritt Stick and the  Stick-ie Glue are great! I bought 8/9 of the Stick-ie glue sticks last year to have in the classroom and they were perfect. (They are cheaper than the Pritt Stick)

thumb_IMG_3311_1024 thumb_IMG_3223_1024 thumb_IMG_3220_1024

Scissors – I have so many pairs of teacher scissors but I really wanted these pink polka dot ones yesterday. My friend convinced me I didn’t need them (and I don’t) but I might have to go back to get them!

The school scissors – I haven’t seen them cheaper than €1 anywhere else. If buying a class set of 30 thats a saving of over €3 – I know it seems like a small saving but that can be a lot when you have to make an art budget stretch.

I was doing a big home clearout a few weeks ago – we don’t have a shredder but had lots of bills and receipts that we no longer needed but were still confidential. This would have been a godsend at the time as we cut our stuff up in 100’s of different ways. I think at €1.99 it would also be great to have in the classroom to ‘shred’ any documents that you no longer need with childrens names on it. (I know most schools have shredders but this is a handy device to have in your drawer!)

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This tape is great to make borders around a laminated sheet – for art displays or around pencils or other resources to show they belong to the teacher. I’ve also seen teachers use the tape to colour code childrens copies to make it easier to collect and organise them.


Magnetic tape is great for displays on the whiteboard.


Self inking date stamp – save yourself time when correcting work!


Some other teacher essentials.

thumb_IMG_3300_1024 thumb_IMG_3303_1024 thumb_IMG_3304_1024

thumb_IMG_3331_1024 thumb_IMG_3296_1024 thumb_IMG_3295_1024

Laminating pouches (available in A4 and A3). There is usually a larger A4 pack too of 100 laminating pouches)

thumb_IMG_3301_1024 thumb_IMG_3302_1024

Art supplies

Paint (Large bottles – €3.99 and smaller bottles for €2.49)

thumb_IMG_3275_1024 thumb_IMG_3276_1024

Lots of materials for art at brilliant prices!

thumb_IMG_3324_1024 thumb_IMG_3325_1024 thumb_IMG_3323_1024

Large coloured ‘sidewalk’ chalk – if you have an outside area.


PVA Glue

thumb_IMG_3307_1024 thumb_IMG_3308_1024

Beads, craft scissors and lollipop sticks

thumb_IMG_3286_1024 thumb_IMG_3283_1024 thumb_IMG_3289_1024



Lollipop sticks – these are great for art, maths (shape and space/sorting by colour/ counting), classroom management (choose a name), displays etc.

thumb_IMG_3280_1024 thumb_IMG_3279_1024 thumb_IMG_3281_1024

Foam circles, materials etc.

thumb_IMG_3282_1024 thumb_IMG_3291_1024 thumb_IMG_3284_1024

Paintbrushes, glitter and clay.

thumb_IMG_3241_1024 thumb_IMG_3242_1024 thumb_IMG_3245_1024

Colour wheel (handy to have as a reference)


The ‘party’ section has lots of useful materials too. Paper plates are always handy to have. The coloured plates can be used for displays. Theres lots of art lessons that you can do with straws too!

thumb_IMG_3314_1024 thumb_IMG_3317_1024 thumb_IMG_3315_1024

Stars for Display

I love using these stars – they could be for a star chart or for a display as they make things stand out!

thumb_IMG_3299_1024 thumb_IMG_3298_1024 thumb_IMG_3297_1024


Great for keeping materials tidy and organised. Could also be used on tables for storing pencils/crayons etc.

thumb_IMG_3229_1024 thumb_IMG_3228_1024 thumb_IMG_3232_1024

thumb_IMG_3236_1024 thumb_IMG_3238_1024

Other classroom materials

These wipe clean sentence and phrases strips/ flashcards are great! They are lined so all you need to do is write and when you’re done just clean them off.


These letters and attention grabbers are great too. The ‘Poster Stencils’ would be great to make headings for displays!

thumb_IMG_3258_1024 thumb_IMG_3259_1024 thumb_IMG_3260_1024

These certificates are lovely. I had the Happy birthday ones as well as the ‘Super Speller’ last year and the children loved them!



thumb_IMG_3253_1024 thumb_IMG_3254_1024 thumb_IMG_3270_1024

Maths equipment

thumb_IMG_3257_1024 thumb_IMG_3261_1024 thumb_IMG_3256_1024

These borders are great!


Nice teacher stamps!


Mini whiteboards – lined for handwriting practice. They also come with their own markers and eraser. (Could have 3/4 of them at a writing station).



Overall, Mr Price has everything you’ll need when getting your back to school bits and pieces. Its a brilliant shop with fantastic bargains and I love it!

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  1. Love it too, and it’s open until 9pm every week night for teachers who need to go when their own children are in bed!!!

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