Music Mondays is a new blogpost idea I had at the beginning of January but Mondays kept passing and I kept forgetting so here is my first blogpost in this series. Music Mondays will be a series of blogposts where I write about songs/ tunes/pieces of music that I’ve used in the classroom or that I think would be good to use and how I would use them/integrate them with different areas of the curriculum.

The first piece I have chosen is ‘Time’ by Hans Zimmer. (This is the only video available on YouTube- the other videos were hour long loops- I wouldn’t use it – just play the music in the background!)

This piece of music could simply be used just as a listening activity. I find it really relaxing.

Listening and Responding

Draw a picture to show the music. ((Imagine you are in the cinema and you hear this piece of music. What is happening on the screen?)

Write about what you think is happening. Tell the story of the music.

Talk about the music – do you like it? What do you like? What do you not like?

Move to the music

Musical Concepts

What instruments are used in this piece of music?

During the piece there are parts when you can only hear 1 instrument and other parts where many people play together. (texture)

Are the notes long (legato) or short/snappy (staccato)? (duration)

What is the tempo? Is the piece slow or fast? (tempo)

Is there any repeated sections in the music? (structure)

Are there loud parts/soft parts? (dynamics) Put your hands up when the dynamics are loud and sit down when the dynamics are soft etc.

Is there a steady beat? (beat)

Useful Links (Reference)

Hans Zimmer (The Composer)


My Interesting Facts