This weeks Music Mondays focuses on the cello. This piece is probably one of the most famous pieces for solo cello and here it is played by Yo Yo Ma.

The Cello

  • Different parts of the instrument (See DK Find Out here or Making Music Fun here.)
  • The String Family

Listening and responding activities

  • Draw a picture to illustrate the music
  • Write about the music – do you like it? What do you like/not like?
  • Move to the music
  • Imagine you are the conductor
  • Add to the music – can you add body percussion or tap a rhythm that would work well with the piece? (As seen in the Piano Guys Version below!)


The composer of this piece is Johann Sebastian Bach.


The musician playing above is Yo Yo Ma – further information can be found on his website or on


Alternative Version – The Piano Guys

This version is played with 8 cellos instead of a solo. This is great for children to see the instrument played in different ways!