A follower recently asked about my desk essentials so this blog post will detail some of my favourites. As a stationery addict, I have way too much of everything – I like to have one of everything and have boxes filled with pencils and pens.

Pencils and pens

I always invest in a couple of good pens in different colours. I love this set from BIC – the colours are great for correcting as they aren’t as ‘harsh’ as red but they still make things stand out.

cristal pens

I also have a number of pencils on my table which I use myself/ the children can use if they forget their own. (Pencil pot from Penneys – but a couple of months ago.)



Handy to put up displays, keep things together and keep yourself organised.



A good pair of ‘Teacher’ scissors is really essential. (Love this polka dot scissors from Mr. Price)


Hole punch

Great when adding plans to folder or for display purposes too. (Always get one that you can set the paper size – so all the sheets are punched in the same place).

hole punch


Tape and glue

Another handy thing to have on your desk!


Hand sanitiser

Such an essential!

hand sanitiser


I label everything and anything I own so its handy to have a roll on the table.


Sticky notes

There will be lots of little reminders throughout the day. I tend to write these on a post it note and leave it on my desk so I can refer to it.


Planning Glance Sheet

I make a planning glance sheet for each month – these stays in the middle of my desk and I can refer to it during the month and tick off what has been covered or what needs to be done.

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I use a notebook to keep track of my to do lists/ plans. So this is on my desk so I can quickly check it.


Water bottle

I find if its on the desk then I tend to drink more during the day!