Art is one of the subjects I find most difficult to plan for and teach.These lessons are easy to teach, make great displays and cover different strands/strand units.



We used pointillism to create these Autumn trees.

First the children drew the tree trunk and some branches. Next they drew a rough circle outline (for the leaves). They painted the tree trunk brown and used cotton buds for the leaves using Autumn colours.



Construction, Drawing, Paint

These Halloween decorations were great fun to create.

The children chose a Halloween symbol and drew it on a paper plate. They then cut away the excess plate away and painted it black. They painted a second plate yellow and stapled both together.

art2                                                    art3

art4                                                    art5

Original lesson idea from My Very Educated Mother.

This was a fantastic collaborative piece of work. Each child decorated 4-6 stars and then a number of children were chosen to create the Christmas tree of stars. Original idea from pinterest.



Snowflakes are a great construction art lesson. They make a great display and the children work collaboratively to make them.


Lesson overview here.



Monster Attack

The children chose an image from newspaper/magazine (mainly vehicles but any images could be used). They then used their imagination to create monsters and the scenes around them.

Original idea and lesson overview here.


Crazy Hair Art

I love art lessons without templates where no two pieces look alike. This lesson worked really well and the children created amazing pieces. Some children choose to use paint while others used oil pastels. (Personally, I think oil pastels worked better as the coloured were more vibrant)

Original idea from Mrs. Brown Art.

art10                                                    art11

Lesson overview here


Original lesson idea from Deep Space Sparkle



Fabric and Fibre

Easter chicks – children made pom poms and then added felt for the nose, eyes and used a pipe cleaner for the feet.



These were really fun and easy to make. Lesson idea here.


These flowers are perfect for a summer art lesson. The children cut out circles and then drew stems, petals etc. Quick YouTube video showing how to draw the flowers.