I popped into school today for an hour to have a look around the room and change a few bits and pieces. I’ll finish it next week and I’m sure there will be plenty of changes over the year. Heres a quick overview of the different areas.


I like the L shape as I can keep resources on one side and then do work on the other table. This is really great for children who get distracted easily. The unit with red and yellow drawers has stationery and notebooks in it – easy to get.



On the desk, I just have some stationery, my weekly planner from Dealz and my polka dot cup for tea!


This is a little organisation station – theres a magazine file for each child (I’m not sure how many children I’ll have yet). I also bought plastic folders in Mr. Price and Easons so these will be added to the magazine files with the childs copy and reading book and any other resources they may be using. This is a good way for children to practice getting their things, putting things back where they belong and organising themselves – a skill which they need and which they can use in their own classroom too.

The reading area is very basic – this is mainly due to space but also because I wanted it to be a calm/relaxing area. Many children who attend resource need the break away from the busy classroom so this is a nice place for them to relax. I will add some posters/ illustrations but I couldn’t find them yesterday. I just covered 2 chairs with a throw and then I have some cushions on the ground too.




This circle table is perfect for social groups or for arts/baking activities.


I haven’t organised any displays yet. I’m going to wait until next week to sort these.