My Termly Plans (3rd class or 4th class)

I was looking through files on my computer this morning when I came across my DIP plans for 5th Class – my first set of mainstream class plans. I still vividly remember writing them – tearing my hair out wondering if they would be good enough for the inspector (who was known to be very particular about planning), searching through the NIPT website to make sure I did exactly what was required.

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I found out that I had the job in 5th class two days before school was due to start so I didn’t have much time to plan. I also only had 2 weeks guaranteed work as the job was meant to go to panel so there wasn’t much point in writing termly plans. It wasn’t until the end of September/October that I found out I would be there for the year. Each termly plans took hours to complete and was of little use to me when I was writing my weekly plans as these required much more detail and I had to really think about each activity and lesson – essentially it was just a waste of time and effort.

Plans should not be rigid

flexible 1

I remember in college –  any change from the lesson plan was seen really badly. This is not true in real life. My plans were used as a guideline throughout the year and kept me on track but I did plenty of other lessons that slotted in with the objectives I was covering. I then just wrote on the plans to have a record of what was actually covered.

My plans

Last summer, when I found out that I would have 3rd class the following year, I decided to make my termly plans as useful as possible. I listed the aims and objectives from the curriculum but then I planned each month in detail with different activities, resources and ideas. This meant that it took me way less time to do my fortnightly plans and cuntas míosúil during the year (when I knew I would be busy!) I also enjoyed doing the plans much more as I was thinking of interesting ideas and researching lessons rather than just copying and pasting material from the curriculum for the sake of pleasing an inspector.

Literacy/Gaeilge plans do not follow the NLC as I have not had training in this yet (I teach in a senior school).

My termly plans are full of ideas that could be used when teaching different topics. The maths plans have lists of maths language and mental maths activities to cover each month. The literacy plans have suitable poems, stories and novels. The Science plans have useful links to interactive resources that you can use on the Interactive White Board. The music plans have links to YouTube for listening and responding and performing. (See slideshow below to get a snapshot of some of there plans!)

The plans are available as Word documents which can be  changed to suit your own individual setting and the children in your class but they provide a starting point with lots of ideas, activities and useful links that you might like to use.

They are available individually for €3 or a termly bundle (September – December/ January – June) for €20.

Termly Plans 1 (3rd Class)


Termly Plans 2 (3rd Class)


Maths Term 1 and Term 2 (4th class)

Special Offer (Term 1 and Term 2 for 3rd Class)

Link to individual plans here

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  1. Are you still selling long term and short term plans? I’m starting my first year of teaching (I’ll have 4th class) and feel really overwhelmed on where to even start….


    1. All plans – English, Irish, Maths, History, Geography, Science, Music, Drama, Art, SPHE and P.E. are available for 3 euro each or a bundle for 20 euro.

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