My Trip to Mr. Price

Mr. Price is one of my favourite shops for teaching supplies. I took a slight detour on the way home today to pick up a few bits and pieces for next year.

I wanted baskets to store copies in next year so I found these two.

 I thought these were a bit big…

 So much storage – personally I find plastic can break very easily – the baskets above are flexible and hopefully will last longer.

So I bought 5 of them. (2 purple, 1 green, 1 orange and 1 blue – I may need more)

Plastic document wallets are fantastic for storage of resources.
I bought one for each child for any photocopies.

Craft scissors – nice to create different borders!

Staple remover – these are super handy especially if you staple things to the walls for displays!

Single hole puncher – these are great – I have needed one loads of times this year for various art ideas.

White tack – vital! (White causes less damage to walls!)

Trusty glue stick (I will purchase lots more of these before the end of the summer!)

What are your must have items for starting the new school year?

(I also bought black card (A3) and coloured a4 paper! and a few other bits!)

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