As many of you know, I moved rooms this week. I had been sharing with two other teachers since September but the noise levels were too much for the children I was working with so we had to come up with a different arrangement. I spent most of the last week organising my resources and moving them up two flights (thankfully we have a lift!).

These are my favourite literacy and numeracy resources- the first two shelves are numeracy and the bottom two are literacy.


I have a second unit with arts/crafts materials and resources for fine/gross motor skills.


My last set of shelves houses all my books.


On the whiteboard – I have my calendar which the children love to use.


I like this layout for the tables. All the materials are on the table against the wall. The other table is then clear so there are no distractions.


Display room is quite limited so I have used the back of the library as a display space – I just added a border to it!


I got this keyboard for Christmas many years ago – I hope to teach the children some basic tunes like Twinkle Twinkle and Mary had a little lamb. This will be great as a calming activity for children as well as a way to boost their self-esteem and self confidence.


This is my library area where the children can relax and read a book! This will be a quiet area – a place to go when children feel stressed/overwhelmed!


And of course my ‘Fixed vs Growth’ mindset display!