New Year Activities

So today is the last official day of the Christmas holidays. The thoughts of returning to school on Monday fill me with fear – while I love my job, I also love the holidays and alarm clocks, making lunches, commuting and working are not very appealing at the moment. So instead of planning/changing timetables I decided to put together some activities that you might like to use with your class next week.

Look back on 2016


Class/School life – what did the children enjoy most in 2016? what are the key events they can remember?

Personal – what did the children achieve? favourite parts of 2016?


What big events happened in 2016? Create a timeline for the year.


What is a resolution? What is a goal?

Ask the children to think of a goal for themselves for the year. This could be anything from reading 1 book every month to completing a piano exam/ grading for taekwon do.

  • State the goal
  • Write down the steps needed to achieve it
  • Review the goal


Kindness Challenge

This is a nice activity especially at the start of a new term/year. This can be done in lots of different ways. One teacher in my school makes paper chains and starts them from the top of a notice board – when the paper chain reaches the floor the children can chose a fun activity. Another idea is to fill a jar with marbles/pom poms etc.

Children can share how they were kind, how their friends/classmates showed kindness or the teacher can observe kindness shown by the children and then write this down!

Whole Class Art Projects

This can also be a nice time to do a whole class art project. Here are some ideas;





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