I can’t believe it’s October already. September was a very busy month for me. I have to be honest and admit that it took me a good few weeks to get used to being back in the classroom; I had forgotten/blocked out the memories of corrections and photocopying and laminating and being really organised so that things go smoothly. I’ve found that working as a resource/learning support teacher is almost a completely different job than working in the classroom – each role has its own challenges and after a year in resource I forgot some small things about being in the classroom. I now have a fairly good routine in terms of corrections and organisation and things are being to settle into place.

My routine

I arrive to school at about 8.15 every morning. This gives me enough time to photocopy everything I need/organise resources for the day etc. I give homework on Monday morning – the full amount for the week and correct it all on Friday. This has worked really well so far as the children can be flexible if they have something on and the homework is completed to a high standard. It also means I don’t spend lots of time each day correcting or writing down homework (which seems to take forever!) After school, I spend 10-15 minutes organising my desk (which often looks like a bomb has hit it), planning and organising for the following day and usually some corrections too.

Corrections, unfortunately I don’t have any brilliant suggestions to speed up the process but I find that when I set a timer/give myself a target – I tend to get them done much quicker. For Maths, I usually take 10-15 minutes to go through independent work with individual children. I call them up to my desk 1 by 1 and check over the work they’ve been doing. I’ve found this works really well as it gives me a chance to assess where the child is at, work through problems they might have and the child feels they can ask questions without feeling embarrassed in front of their peers. For other areas, I tend to leave corrections until after school and then call children up throughout the day to give oral feedback.

Overall, I’ve found the first month really good – busy and at times quite overwhelming but we’ve had lots of fun too

How have you found the first month?


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