Since qualifying I have spent a small fortune on resources from books to markers and mini-whiteboards. I really enjoy going to Mr. Price, Dealz, Tiger and any other stationery or teaching related shops and picking up bits and pieces for school.


I know some teachers and bloggers disagree with spending your own money on teaching supplies but for me it has been necessary as I have moved schools 8 times since graduating. If you purchase items with school funds then the item belongs to the school and you can’t/shouldn’t take it with you.


Made Resources

I have made a lot of my resources myself or downloaded them from teaching websites and printed and laminated them. Over the last week or so I’ve spent some time organising these resources to make sure they are being used regularly.


I find shoeboxes or plastic containers are great for storing resources. I usually wrap the shoeboxes with ‘sticky paper’ (don’t know what its actually called.) It’s basically a roll of paper that will stick to anything and make it look ‘pretty’. I got lots of rolls in Lidl last year for 1/2 euro.


Ikea have lots of different boxes (both plastic and cardboard) for reasonable prices which I often use too!

organising3 organising4

organising5 organising6



Label everything – especially if you are using boxes to store resources – children can then easily get the things they need. You can make pretty labels on word or powerpoint but I just used sticky labels and wrote on them. I always stick a couple of labels on each box – usually one on each side and one on top – this way its really easy to find everything.


Put your name on it

If its your put your name on it. I know this sounds obvious but teachers often borrow things from one another and could end up keeping it for a couple of days, weeks or months (or until they find it under the pile of other things on the desk)- they might forget who they borrowed it from.


Magazine Files

I keep most of my books, worksheets and folders in magazine files as I find them easy to move around and it keeps them neat and tidy – and therefore easy to find.