PowerPoint Tricks

  I’ve put a video together on PowerPoint tips and tricks. Some of them will be known by lots of people already but there is probably 1/2 that you might not have known so hopefully you’ll find it useful. The video is just under 20 minutes long so I’ll share the timings below if there’s […]

Recommendations for supporting children with anxiety

I’ve been receiving a lots of messages from teachers and parents who were looking for recommendations on how best to support children who are feeling anxious at this time. I asked for recommendations of resources and I’m going to share them below. I think routine is really important for children – especially at this time! […]

Home Learning – My Thoughts on ‘Live’ Videos

I’ve received lots of messages and I’ve seen a huge amount of information on home learning and lots of schools are doing different things and engaging with home learning in different ways. A number of people have messaged me to ask my opinion on ‘live’ videos so I wanted to share my thoughts here. Firstly, […]

Seesaw for parents

I’ve just finished a downloadable step by step guide for parents to better understand Seesaw and how it works. It’s free to download below and there’s no problem with sharing it with people in your school/parents.          

IPT Courses

I just wanted to write a blogpost explaining a new part of Irish Primary Teacher – IPT Courses which is a place where I’ll be creating online courses for teachers. The aim is to create practical, informative courses with realistic advice and ideas that teachers can implement in their classrooms. The first course is on […]

Seesaw Quick Overview (and guide)

Hi everyone, I’ve been receiving hundreds of messages from teachers looking to start using Seesaw in their classroom as school closures remain. I put this video together last year about how it works, how I use it and setting it up. In my school, we’re going to start using seesaw at all class levels soon […]

CPD Courses

I’ve received a lot of messages from teachers asking about CPD courses and my recommendations. I think people have responded to school closures in lots of different ways and for some teachers they want to use some of the time they have now to learn about and up-skill in different areas. This blogpost is not […]

What my day to day looks like (at the moment)

I’ve received a lot of messages from fellow teachers about what I’m doing daily while schools are closed so I’m putting this blogpost together to share what I’m doing to stay busy and calm during this time. I think its worth noting (in case you didn’t know already), that I live in Dublin with my […]

Easter Art Ideas (At home)

As it’s the Easter holidays, I hope everyone is enjoying some time off but I’m also well aware that many parents are looking for things to do at home with their kids so I’m putting this blogpost together with some nice art and crafts ideas with an Easter theme using items you might have at […]