I don’t know what to call this post…

I don’t know what to call this post, I don’t know what I’m going to write about or why I’m even writing it but it’s been over a month since I’ve written a blogpost and nearly a month since I’ve engaged with social media and I suppose I feel I should explain even though no […]

WOW Award

This is something I started last year but I don’t think I’ve ever shared it here. It is probably one of my favourite classroom management tools. In my class I have the usual rules and expectations but I also consistently talk about kindness and our school motto is ‘Treat Others As You Would Like to […]

Real life division

I’ve just created a set of real life division questions for my class as a revision after the Easter holidays. We’ve covered division already so these will be a good way for the children to revise division with real life questions.

2D Shapes

2D shapes is one area of the Maths curriculum that confuses me. While I love Maths – shape and space is not a topic that I particularly enjoy. I find that children often find it quite irrelevant and sometimes boring. We haven’t covered the topic yet so I’ve created this resource to use in my […]

Jenga Games 1

Over the last couple of months I’ve purchased a few sets of Jenga blocks from Smyths and Mr. Price. I had previously bought a big box of Jenga which I wrote times tables on and have used them tons of times with my class and they love them. I find it is a great way […]

Thematic Unit 1916

On Wednesdays, I answer questions from teachers on my Instagram page. One of the most asked question topics is based around thematic units so I have decided to put together a series of thematic plans based around different topics. The first is based on 1916 as this is a topic that is good to cover […]

Maths Topic – Area

Myself and a number of my colleagues have been taking part in a lesson study with the PDST over the last few weeks. This involved a number of meetings with an advisor from the PDST and the members of the lesson study group (Myself and 4 colleagues). We decided on the topic of Area to […]

Guest Blogpost: Teaching Phonics (Miss Mustard Teaching)

Hi everyone! My name is Kirstin from missmustardteaching and this is my third year teaching. This post is all about phonics and how to teach it. View this post on Instagram Some of our phonics activities from this week recapping the ou digraph. The children particularly enjoyed pyramid writing! #scottishteacher #teachersfollowteachers #teaching #teachersofinstagram #teacher #phonics […]

Educating Children Through Experience (Chill Insurance)

Educating Children Through Experiences It’s so important for children to have experiences and make memories as well as attend school to learn. Learning comes in all kinds of forms, and there are plenty of trips that can be educational too.  Here’s some ideas on where you can take the children in their summer holidays to […]

Equivalent Fractions

Another area that my class need to revise is equivalent fractions. So I’ve made this equivalent fractions matching activity. There is a set for each fraction from halves up to twelfths. In each set there is; Word and image (See middle image below) Numerator up to 12 4 challenge cards (so the children will need […]