Guest Blogpost: Restorative Practice (Michelle Stowe)

Restorative Practice; Building Relationships through Positive Communication   My personal definition of success as a teacher is that my students feel good about who they are, and what they do when they are in my room (and the hope is, by extension, in our world).  I left my happy classroom four years ago after doing a lot […]

Guest Blogpost: Living and Teaching Down Under (Teacha_Efa)

G’day guys, My name is Aoife Condron, best known in the Instagram-Teacher-World as ‘Teacha_Efa’. I completed my B.Ed at St. Pat’s, back in the day when it was a three year degree course. Since graduating I worked in the same school in Ireland for five years. I was fortunate enough to be made permanent in […]

Area and Perimeter

I’ve created two resources – one on area and the second on perimeter with 4-5 activities per resource which would work well for independent stations for these topics. Area         Perimeter The questions on perimeter use the same numbers and types of questions as the area resource.         The […]

Place Value Matching Cards 1

Place Value is a really important concept for all children to understand. This resource is a handy way for children to recognise numbers in different forms – the number, number in words, number broken into each place value and number in expanded notation. There are a number of different ways to use this resource such […]

Guest Blogpost: Music for Classroom Management (Little Ms. Fox)

Hey there! I’m Aoife. Also known as @littlemsfox on the gram, where I document my journey (sometimes sailing, sometimes battling) through the highs and lows of my first year of ‘real teaching’. A big part of the first year I think is finding your own niche as a teacher and learning what works for your […]

Guest Blogpost: 10 Ways to Improve Your CV

This is a guest blogpost by Orla Dempsey who is a life and career coach and a primary school teacher. There’s a massive shortage of substitute teachers at the moment but it’s around this time of the year that I update my CV with all of the new experience that I’ve gained so far, this […]

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Word Problems

I’ve just finished this new resource looking at word problems involving fractions, decimals and percentages. I’m planning on using this resource in my classroom next week as a way for children to use their knowledge in real life word problems. These word problems focus on tourist attractions in some cities around the world including Rome, […]

My Own Wellbeing

I’ve been thinking about writing this blogpost for the last few weeks but I never got around to it – now with mid-term I’m sitting in bed and contemplating what I want to say and wondering if I’ll even click publish but there’s a couple of things I feel I need to write down and […]

Fractions Decimals and Percentages (Matching Game)

We’ve recently finished the topics of fractions, decimals and percentages so I’ve put together this matching game for the children to practice and match the ones that go together. I plan on using this resource for an independent station to revise fractions, decimals and percentages. This would also be perfect for a display – there is […]

Maths Fear 2

I’ve already written a blogpost on Maths Fear (which you can read here) and the damning effect it can have on children in relation to their achievement in Maths but I’ve been tackling maths fear in my own classroom this year and I’ve found some strategies have worked really well. Stress – Out the Window […]