Guest Blogpost: Junk Art

What is Junk Art? Junk Art is open-ended, child-led and creative.  Children create their own art using items you might put in your recycling bin.   “Creative play involves children exploring and using their bodies and materials to make and do things and to share their feelings, ideas and thoughts. They enjoy being creative by […]

A bit of perspective…

What would happen if… I think the key message of this blogpost is to pose the question – what would happen if? I’ve received hundreds of messages from teachers who are struggling with teaching and very close to burn out. Many teachers have never ending to do lists, some have unsupportive work environments (staff and […]

Self Care on the Weekends

It’s Saturday morning which is when I get some free time to do blogposts etc. This week (and all of January to be honest) has been so busy! I have great intentions to finish mini projects I’ve started, organise things in my classroom, organise my house etc. every day but there just seems to be […]

Wireless Mouse – Ways to use it in the classroom

I recently purchased a wireless mouse for my classroom on Amazon as I was looking for a way to use powerpoint or other interactive material but not have to sit at my desk on the laptop. Initially I was looking for a clicker but lots of people recommended the wireless mouse instead. (I also got […]

2 Page Cuntas Míosúil?!?!?

I recently wrote a blogpost where I mentioned that my cuntas míosúil is 2 pages in length and I received countless messages, emails, texts from friends and colleagues in other parts of the country wondering how this was possible so I’m sharing it here in this blogpost. An important thing to note however is that […]

Guest Blogpost – Resources: Where Can I Find Them?

As teachers in 2019, we’re expected to have lots of colourful, interactive, engaging material for every lesson. Long gone are the days where plodding through a reading comprehension and answering the questions was considered a decent lesson! It would be a full time job in and of itself to create, design, edit, print, laminate, cut, […]

Comhrá Speech Bubbles

I’ve been putting these comhrá speech bubbles together for each theme as Gaeilge for the last few months. The following themes are completed – Mé Féin, Sa Bhaile, Ar Scoil, Éadaí, Caitheamh Aimsire, An Teilifís. I find the speech bubbles are brilliant for practising key phrases and vocabulary in a real and meaningful way, they […]

Guest Blogpost: Job Sharing and Working as a Dramatherapist

Hello fellow teachers,My name is Clair (teacherturnedtherapist) and I have been teaching for the past 7 years. View this post on Instagram One of my favourite presents this Christmas! Inside Out Teddies… I will use them in Dramatherapy sessions to show the personification of the feelings and emotions that every person experiences at some stage […]

Fitness Tracker Maths

I don’t know about you but my class are obsessed with fitness trackers – many of the children got a Fitbit or other device for Christmas and they are constantly checking their steps, comparing with other children, trying to beat their steps from the day before etc. so I decided to use their interest and […]