Times tables

Maths is a subject I have always loved. However, many children lack confidence in Maths and therefore dislike or are terrified of it. I think that times tables are vital for children to know really well to be successful in both multiplication and division. Once a child knows their times tables and can access them […]

Visual Timetable

I have always used a visual timetable as I find it is hugely beneficial for all children. It gives children an idea of what is happening throughout the day and reduces anxiety or worry. It helps children to learn to tell the time. It gives independence as children don’t have to constantly ask what are […]

Keep calm and carry on…

I often find with teaching that its hard to shut down and leave it in school. Sometimes you can be overrun with emotions and racking your brain to find solutions to problems with children’s behaviour or things they’ve told you or how to get them to master long division. The stress at times can be […]

Behaviour Management

Behaviour and classroom management are probably the most difficult parts of teaching to master. What works with one class or one child may not work with another. Some say, “Don’t smile til Christmas,” “Go in and show them who’s boss..”Over my short teaching career, I have dealt with a lot of tricky behaviour and here […]

Anger management

I am always surprised by the amount of children who cannot or don’t know how to deal with their anger in an effective way, who punch, shove, kick, throw, shout or cry when someone doesn’t do what they want. I have found these strategies work (most of the time). Stay calm. As the teacher, you […]

Interesting lunch for school

I often find I’m eating the same thing every day as its the easiest thing to prepare and throw in the lunch box. Recently though I’ve started making my own brown bread (which is really yummy) and we had a recent staff meeting where we learned to make a tomato and basil salad which is […]

Covering a maternity leave

I’m currently covering a maternity leave until the summer holidays. Taking over from someone else can be particularly tricky – especially at this time of the year. The other teacher has already taught in his/her way, has routines set up, and has certain ways of doing things which the class are used to.When I first […]

Tackling the Dip/NQT Year

There’s no denying that this year is stressful and difficult. It will seem at times that they taught you nothing in college and that you’ll never get through the mounds of paperwork and corrections and planning and problems. But you will! Top tips Get a notebook. This doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Write down […]

Learning Objectives and Steps to Success

I moved to the U.K. in September and started as a supply teacher. I had heard of learning objectives and steps to success but had never used them before. In Ireland, we often don’t share what we want to achieve by the end of the lesson and how the child can be successful. These are […]

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel!

During teaching practice and when I first qualified I felt I needed to make everything from scratch. I made countless notebook presentations, powerpoints, worksheets etc. I soon realised I was wasting time concentrating on making resources and not on the actual teaching.There are fantastic websites with free resources which you can easily download and then […]