There are a number of ways to get a permanent job as a teacher; open competition, through the supplementary panel, through C.I.D. and through the main panel.

Main panel

The main panel is for teachers who are permanent but their school loses a job. They are then placed on the main panel and are entitled to get a permanent job in their panel area. The main panel must be clear before the supplementary panel is opened.


C.I.D. is a contract of indefinite duration. C.I.D. is awarded to teachers who have worked for 2 full years (consecutively) in their school and there is a viable fixed term/permanent contract for the 3rd year. All permanent/fixed term positions (excluding a fixed term covering a job share)

Teachers who hold C.I.D. have the same rights as a permanent teacher.

Teachers can apply for C.I.D. once the staffing schedule is released which is usually before the Easter holidays each year.

Supplementary panel

Applications for the supplementary panel open every year in November and applications close in mid-December (before the Christmas/Winter holidays).

To be eligible for the supplementary panel, you need to have worked approximately 3 full years.

The criteria include;

  • Minimum salary scale point
  • Salary earned in the current year
  • Full teaching council registration

Further information on the supplementary panel is available here.

Open competition

The order of permanent jobs:

C.I.D., main panel, supplementary panel and finally open competition.

Once the panels are clear, jobs can be advertised via open competition. This means that positions are open to anyone to apply for.