I’ve received a lot of messages from teachers on the Supplementary Panel wondering what happens now. At the moment the main panels in many areas are clear – however the Supplementary Panel hasn’t been released yet. The Department of Education will update the ‘Summary of the Main Panel’ list again on the 31st May (next Wednesday) – you can keep an eye on this document here.

The latest update was on 23rd May;

The Supplementary Panel will be released in the next few weeks.

What type of jobs are available?

Only permanent jobs are available to teachers on the supplementary panel.

How will I find out about which schools have permanent vacancies?

Some Diocesan offices have lists of schools with vacancies online. Once the supplementary panel has been released – you may contact the Diocesan office in your area and ask for a list of schools with permanent vacancies.

How will schools contact me?

  • There are a number of options for principals to fill their vacancies using the supplementary panel. Some schools advertise the positions on Education Posts or Staff Room and teachers with supplementary panel rights can then apply for the positions; this is sometimes followed by an interview or an informal chat and then an offer to the best candidate.
  • Other schools email teachers on the supplementary panel inviting candidates to send a CV/ come to a brief meeting/interview in the school.
  • Some principals ring candidates.

Should I contact schools?

You are allowed to contact schools with your CV and cover letter. (However some principals may not like this.)

Can I defer my supplementary panel rights?

No – this is not an option. If there is a fixed term/temporary position in your school and you decide to stay, you must reapply to the supplementary panel the following year.

What happens if I’m offered a position?

If you receive a letter of offer from a school then you must accept this position. Failure to accept an offer forfeits your place on the supplementary panel.

What happens when I accept the post?

You must send the ‘Supplementary Panel Update Form’ to notify the Department that you have accepted a permanent position. (You can download this form here.)

Will I definitely get a permanent post?

Unfortunately no. Some dioceses have more people on the supplementary panel than jobs so not all teachers on the supplementary panel are guaranteed positions.

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