I’m working mainly with 3rd class this year as a resource teacher and this week in Maths the topic is Place Value.

Here are some activities I used over the last few days to explain what place value means and to assess children’s understanding.


Place value – each digit has a value depending on where it is placed in a number.

Make the number;



Using the same digits – make a bigger number


Use these digits – and make the biggest number/smaller number




Whats the value of the digit?

I used a peg – but you can just point too!

img_4406 img_4407

Adding 10


We used this large hundred square when learning what happens when we add ten. First we chose a number and then counted on 10 more. e.g. 25 (26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34) and 35. We did this with 5/6 different numbers and the child then realised that only the tens digit changes.

(We then did the same when subtracting 10)


Choose a number

Using a hundred square- look at the 10 before and the 10 after – which one is it closest to?

These are just some of the things we did this week. The HTU boards and numbers are brilliant as you can quickly see who knows what to do and who needs more support! I’ve also used digit cards which work perfectly too!

You might also find the ‘Place Value’ pack for 3rd useful;