Plan for Maths Week 2017

I’ve decided to fully embrace Maths week this year so most of the lessons this week will be Maths related. We have a Maths Committee in school, so we put together lots of ideas that can be used by all the teachers and each member of the committee is looking after a certain area from Mangahigh to Maths and Art, Maths Puzzles and Maths in the Window (where a problem is put in the window of one of the classrooms at yard time and the children can try to figure it out during their break). These are some of the ideas that I’m going to use this week. You can find more on the Maths Week website here. (If I think of any others, I’ll share them on Facebook/Instagram.)


Mangahigh is free to sign up to during Maths week and it is a fantastic resource for children to practise different maths skills. Each teacher can assign tasks to their class or to individual children to practise at home. The children really enjoy the challenges and during Maths Week there is a competition for schools. You can find out more about Mangahigh here.


We will try out lots of puzzles this week. Some of my favourites include;

  • Noggle

Famous Mathematicians

The children will work in small groups to complete a project on a famous mathematician. There is great information here.

Other useful Links

Maths and Art

We will design a Maths week character/poster to promote Maths week.

We will look at Mondrian, Kandinsky and Escher.

Additional Links


We will also create our own shape monsters – integrating Maths (2D Shapes), Art and Halloween.

Measuring distance

We will use the paper airplanes we made in last weeks Literacy stations. We will throw the paper airplane and measure the distance it travels. We will then convert these distances to mm, cm, and metres too. (as part of our length unit in Maths)

We will also measure how far we can jump, the distance we can run in a given amount of time, how far we can throw a beanbag (using different throwing techniques).





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