Planners – some of my favourites

I have my EDCO planner that I got at one of the EXPO’s before the end of the school year. I go every year to see the latest books and resources and of course to get a free planner. I also usually purchase a separate planner for myself! Last year, I got a BusyB planner from My Shining Armour and yesterday I purchased a new planner from Leanún Designs. I know many of my friends are also planner obsessed as are lots of people that follow me so I’m putting together a quick blogpost on some planners that I love!

First up is the one I bought myself from Leanún Designs. The planner is 35 euro with 4 euro postage and packing. (Its an 18 month planner starting from July so it can be used right away. As it is 18 months – it works out at roughly 7 cent a day (yes I did work out the daily cost so I could justify buying it!)

The next one is from Moss Cottage and is a BusyB planner (very similar to the one I used this year). It is 15 euro.

Next up is this Ban.Do planner from My Shining Armour. I had this two years ago and loved it!

My Shining Armour also has these fab Kate Spade planners. There is a medium and a large version of each of the planners below!

There are also some really great planners on Etsy!