I was recently asked to go through my planning folder for Resource. While in school yesterday, I quickly put my folder together. I couldn’t find any guidelines on how best to organise the planning folder so I decided on this layout.


I bought the folder in Mr. Price for 2.99. I like that it has a blue rim as I bought a second folder for assessment so it will be easy to distinguish between the two.


First section – Organisation will include;

  • Timetable
  • List of children attending resource and their hours
  • Social groups/Movement groups (list of names and target overviews)


The IEP’s will be in this section; I have previously used Template One from SESS. (I usually review the IEP each term)


This section will be for the weekly plans. In the past I divided the folder into sections -1 section for each child but this meant filing took a long time. I’m hoping this way will work better. I have just divided the folder into months and will add the plans each week.

thumb_IMG_3730_1024 thumb_IMG_3731_1024

I think this layout is really basic and easy to follow so hopefully it will work well during the year!