This is the next post in the series of guest blogposts. Today’s post is written by ‘Mála an mhuinteora’ where she shares how she plans for maths and why along with some tips for distance learning.

Planning in a Multi-class setting

My first foray into the world of planning happened on teaching practice and for me it was a time of stress and late nights. Since then I have grown to appreciate the benefits of a well thought out plan. As a teacher of a bustling 4th, 5th and 6thclass I have designed a system which works for me.

Here is a peak at how I plan for Maths and why;

I plan thematically, but it is a little different to what I learnt in college. In order to ensure efficient time management, which is a necessity in multi-classes, I pick the same Maths topic for all three classes and set a specific time to teach it. This has the benefit of facilitating revision with my most senior classes and stimulates a mentorship style of learning in the classroom. I see the benefits of students taking pride in their knowledge and learning which has a knock on effect in classroom management.

It also enables me to create meaningful, engaging resources for each class level  on the same topic.

At the start of the week, on Monday I introduce the maths topic and through the methodology of talk and discussion my classes create their own individual KWL charts thus enabling differentiation to take place. Maths lessons in my classroom have developed into highly interactive, child led discussions.

The planning requirement is detailed, but the smooth flow of the class makes it worth that extra time in planning. I, like other teachers, once sighed at the thoughts of sitting down to write plans however now I embrace it.

Through the use of realistic, differentiated goals I find planning assists me in running a smooth, efficient classroom.

Diving into the world of distance learning

I like thousands of other teachers have jumped right into the world of on-line teaching. Less than a month ago I knew very little about Seesaw and now I have 11 active classes up and running. The reality of a multi-class is that it requires differentiated work for each class.

In order to facilitate this I set up three individual Maths classes, catering for my 4th, 5th and 6th class.

They have their individual work set daily. I assign one page from their Busy at Maths book along with work from their Shadow Book. The Busy at Maths books appear to be made for on-line learning as it has short video clips on their website which I have been uploading to my classes on Seesaw.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my piece and maybe it will help you in the future.