Plans for 5th Class (Term 2)

Things have been super busy for me over the last few months as we bought our first home and moved house the week before Christmas. Every spare moment has been (and continues to be) spent with the bank, solicitors, in furniture shops, measuring rooms and picking floors and blinds. I took some time off over the Christmas holidays so apologies if I haven’t responded to your message/email yet. I’ll get back to everyone as soon as I can.

I’ve finally completed my termly plans for 5th class (January – June) so here’s a quick overview of them. Just to note – I overplanned some subjects from September – December so there is some repetition this term in subjects like P.E. (Gymnastics strand) and Gaeilge (the grammar section).

Termly Bundle is available for €25. Alternatively the plans are available for €3 each. (A planning glance sheet for each month will be available next week and will be sent to you if you purchase the termly bundle.)


For Literacy this term, I have chosen a theme for each month – trying as much as possible to integrate with other areas of the curriculum. I also chose one class novel for each month. The themes covered are growth mindset, it’s okay to be different, ww1, 1916 and immigration.


We are starting this term with some revision of fractions (we didn’t get multiplication of fractions done in the last term), after this we will cover decimals and percentages. Other areas covered this term include number theory, rules and properties, equations, weight, money, chance, area, capacity, 2D shapes and 3D shapes. Each month has strand/strand unit, mathematical language and mental maths skills along with activities and resources.


The themes covered are school, weather, shopping, food, clothes, television. There is a section for theme/ sub theme, feidhmeanna teanga, objectives for éisteacht, labhairt, léitheoireacht, scríbhneoireacht, nathanna cainte, gramadach agus briathra, áiseanna agus rann/amhrán. In term 1 I planned too much in the grammar section of each month and my class found it difficult – therefore I’m revising each area in more detail each month this term so the same topics are covered again.


The areas covered in History are story, the Romans, WW1, 1916, Northern Ireland, transport and communication, caring for the sick, life in Ireland since the 1950’s. Each month has strand/strand unit, activities and lessons and resources (links to useful websites)


The areas covered in Geography include weather, climate and atmosphere, rocks and soils, settlement (homes), people at work (farming), planet earth in space, services and tourism, county regional and national centres, trade and development issues. Each month has strand/strand unit, activities and lessons and resources.


The main areas covered in the Science plan are sound, magnetism and electricity, light, heat, forces, materials and change, plant and animal life.


I tried to integrate music as much as possible with other areas of the curriculum. Each month covers an element of listening and responding, performing and composing.


The strands covered in the Art plan are drawing, print, construction, fabric and fibre, paint and colour. For each month there is strand/strand unit (and objectives), activities/lessons, artist focus (1 artist per month), useful links.



Drama is integrated with Literacy, History and SPHE. The main topics covered are story (life of Nelson Mandela), magic (Harry Potter), the Romans, WW1, 1916 and the Easter Rising, immigration and advertising.



The main areas covered in the SPHE plan are growth mindset, safety and making decisions, communicating and resolving conflict (previously covered in term 1), local community, national European and wider communities and media education.


The main areas covered in the P.E. plan are games (covered twice this term), Gymnastics (we didn’t get this covered in the last term as we had visiting teachers for P.E. so this is the same as term 1, dance, athletics and outdoor and adventure.











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