It’s finally June! I always find June such a busy month but here are a few ideas/ lessons that I’ll be using in my classroom!


Looking back on this year!

Write about…

  • Your favourite trip this year
  • A memory
  • Something funny that happened
  • A letter to your next teacher
  • A letter with advice for the children who will be in your classroom next year


Maths trails – teachers can create their own based on the classroom, school and yard. Children could create their own in small groups and then swap with another group to complete.

Maths investigations – I like these from Twinkl!


Mini beast trail

Walk around the local area – visit key locations important to the local area and its history.



I remember being in primary school myself and longing for May/June when we would go up to the secondary school fields for rounders – we loved it! The kids really enjoy it and its a great way to practice running, throwing, catching, hitting etc.


Another great outdoor P.E. lesson. Make up cards to use for orienteering.

Get the children to draw a map of the school playground – number different areas and place the card with a cone over it. The children then start at different numbers and the first to finish all of them wins.


Summer art


Looking and responding to art

We’ve kept our Art in a large A3 sized folder all year. The children will each take their folder and pick out some of their favourite pieces which they will share with their group/ the class. I’ll then take pictures of some of their favourites which will be used as examples for next year.