Prim Ed Problem Solving Strategies and Skills Maths Cards

I received a pack of these problem solving cards last May from Prim Ed to review. I used them a lot in the resource room but I was so busy towards the end of the year that I completely forgot to write a review. Last week, while sorting out my new room, I came across the box of cards and was delighted – so I’ve decided to write my review now. (Better late than never!)


The Problem Solving Cards are available for 1st to 6th class. There are 3 boxes for each class level which cover the areas of;

  • Number and Algebra
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Statistics and Chance

There are 30 cards in each box with a problem on one side of each card and an extension problem on the reverse. There is also an answer card so the children can self correct their work.

The cards are durable and colourful. When I was using them in the resource room, the children enjoyed the real life problems and they provided a challenge and children really had to use their problem solving skills to answer the question.

These are the 3rd class cards for Measurement and Geometry. On the left are the problems and on the right are the extension problems to provide a further challenge.


These cards are from the Number and Algebra Box for 3rd class along with the answer card.

These cards are from the Statistics and Chance Box.

What I like

  • Colourful, interesting and relevant
  • Challenging
  • 1 step and multiple step problems
  • Extension on the back of each card (So 1 pack – 30 cards but 60 problems!)
  • Answer card for children to self correct

How I’ll Use them in the Classroom

Station Teaching

I will do station teaching in Maths twice a week with 5th class. During this time, one group will work on the problem solving cards. I think this will be a fantastic way for children to solve one step and multiple step word problems. The children can work independently or in pairs to solve the problems and at the end of the station they can correct their work with the answer cards. I think this will be a great way for children to develop their problem solving skills and open a discussion into problem solving in Maths in my classroom. If the children find a problem too tricky – we will work through it together as a class after the station teaching.

Extension Work

I will also keep a set available for extension work for early finishers.

Cost and where to buy

The cards are 19.95 per pack and available directly from Prim Ed here. You can also take a closer look at each set in the ‘View Book’ section!

Overall, I’m looking forward to using the cards with my 5th class this year – they were a huge hit in the resource room.  I’ll share an update when I’ve used them for a couple of weeks! 

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