Primary Geography from Prim Ed (A review)


Primary Geography is a new series from Prim Ed Publishing. Books are available from 1st to 6th class. Each book covers a variety of topics in the Geography curriculum.


Teachers Notes

Each unit starts with a ‘Teachers Notes’ page which gives key questions, objectives, child friendly objectives, teaching notes, background information, resources, geographical vocabulary and additional activities.



There is a huge amount of literacy based activities (reading comprehension, writing activities, close procedures)  so these books are great for integration!




There are also lots of opportunities for project work with planning pages to help children to focus on the key areas!


I love that the books are black and white and fully photocopiable by the purchaser. This means you can easily make copies of the pages you need to supplement your lessons. There is a huge amount of integration with literacy – offering interesting, challenging reading material based on key geographical concepts and covering different areas around the world.

There are great pages at the beginning of the books with maps/blank templates – perfect for teaching about different areas and finding their locations.

Overall I think the books are really useful for teachers covering a huge range of topics each of which is introduced with a text/ representation followed by a variety of activities that the children will enjoy. There is also an assessment section at the end of each unit.

To find out more about the books – click here where you can browse through a ‘Review Copy’ of the book on Prim Ed’s Website and purchase the books! The books cost €22.95 each or there is currently an offer for a ‘School Pack’  where you can purchase all 6 books for €115. 

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