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Primary Planet is a children’s newspaper written by a team of Irish primary school teachers. It is currently in 550 schools in Ireland and has a readership of 70,000 a month. There are two publications;

News Flash for 2nd – 4th and Primary Planet for 4th – 6th class. Stephen from Primary Planet kindly sent me some samples of each publication to have a look at.




This is the front cover of the September edition of News Flash. Roald Dahl’s birthday was the highlight of September and many schools did lots of things to celebrate his birthday. Below you’ll see some examples from the newspaper – I chose some of my favourites.


Gaeilge activities – focus is on Mé Féin. Nice activities to promote Irish – the activities are fun and engaging.


Some facts and more details about Roald Dahl’s birthday.


Book reviews – a number of books are reviewed each month. This is brilliant for children who want a recommendation but it would also be great as an example of what a book review looks like. Children can also submit their book reviews/stories/poems to be considered for publication!


Fact file on a country – Germany was the focus this month. Brilliant for Literacy – how to summarise the key information and for SESE – Geography and project work!


This page is all about the Liver – ties in perfectly to Science where children might be learning about different body parts/ organs and their functions.


Finally this fun section which includes word searches, word wheels, crack the code, a quiz etc.

Overall, I think News Flash is really brilliant. It is designed completely for kids – there is lots of colour, interesting images and different sections which will appeal to the interests of every child. The articles are well written, interesting and child friendly. They talk about events that are relevant and happening in the world but in a way that children can understand and relate to!

Primary Planet


Front cover of unadjustednonraw_thumb_801b

Contents page –  lots of different things to choose from – catering for the interests of all children. There are pages with news, facts about counties/countries (SESE),history facts,  book reviews, sports pages, celebrity news, special features, crosswords/puzzles/quizzes.


Lots of articles which are relevant to children, share things that are happening in Ireland or around the world but in a child friendly way.


County focus – perfect for project work about counties of Ireland. Link/integration with SESE subjects.

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Book/Movie reviews – great for recommendations and also for examples of how to write a review. Children can also submit their own reviews.

unadjustednonraw_thumb_800d   unadjustednonraw_thumb_801a

Sports pages – fact page and Euro 2016 predictions.




The above pages cover different SESE topics. unadjustednonraw_thumb_8002

This section – WWW – Weird Wonderful and Wacky – offers lots of interesting facts/stories.


The county photos share glimpses of events around the country – could once again be linked to SESE topics.


Celebrity News.


Comic page.


A problem shared is a problem halved – this section offers helpful tips/advice and answers some common problems that children have.

  unadjustednonraw_thumb_8008   unadjustednonraw_thumb_8015

Quiz/Puzzle section


screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-16-07-29 screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-16-07-37

You can visit Primary Planet Website here.

Teachers Section

This section is fantastic. There is a resource pack with comprehension questions, close exercises, quiz, vocabulary work, gaeilge worksheet and more! (This is free to download and available here.)

screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-16-08-47 screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-16-08-41 screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-16-08-34 screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-16-08-54

As well as the resource pack is a teachers plan which gives details on how each page ties in with different subjects/strand units!

screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-16-09-58 screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-16-10-07



Home Subscription is €49.50 per year (one off payment) – 10 issues delivered to your door.

Class Subscription – each paper costs just €2 per pupil (if bought as a class set!).

Overall I’m really impressed with the newspaper – it is absolutely perfect for children – interesting, fun, relevant and links with different curricular areas! The planning sheets and teacher resource pack is also brilliant. It is only €4.95 a month (including postage) to be delivered to your house or €2 per pupil a month for a class set and there are so many different ways to use it in the classroom!

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