I use Class Dojo for classroom management, when the children earn x amount of points they get to choose a reward. The rewards range from stickers (5 points) to homework passes (50 points). If a child earns 15 points they can choose a prize from our prize box.

prize box

I only introduced the prize box after the Easter holidays as I wanted something new and different. From September – April the children were happy with the rewards (choose a seat/partner/pe warm up/ job etc.) but I felt it was time for something else. I find that Prize Boxes can be very expensive to keep stocked up and have prizes that the children like so I’m glad I will only be using it for a few months.

Best places for Prizes

  • Dealz
  • 2 euro shops
  • Tiger
  • Tesco
  • Woodies DIY

Some prize ideas from Woodies DIY




24 pencils for 4 euro. (17 cent a pencil)


These prizes were 9 euro.

(6 skateboards, 12 mechanical pencils, 6 highlighters, 10 wall walkers, 10 bubbles)

Other useful websites