This is a free template that you can use when letting schools know you’re available for subbing. If there are any sections that don’t apply to you – these can just be deleted or replaced with something else that you have to offer.

It’s important to keep the CV short and sweet as principals are busy and when looking for a substitute teacher, it’s great if the information they need JUMPS out from the CV.

To let schools know you’re available, it’s best to email at the moment (due to COVID restrictions). You can attach the CV (in PDF form) to the email and in the body of the email just let the school know that you’re available for subbing e.g.

Hi there,

I’m emailing to let you know that I’m available for substitute teaching in your school. Please find my C.V. attached. I’m a student teacher in _____ college/NQT from _____ college etc.

My phone number is 087-xxxxxxx and I live locally/have subbed in many schools in the area over the last few weeks/ have experience working across all class levels etc.