Character setting and events for story writing


Characters, settings and events for story writing – word and image

Story writing templates also included

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This resource is designed to support students with narrative writing. Have you ever found that when you start narrative writing, your students don’t know where to begin? This is the reason behind why I created this resource. By providing ideas for characters, settings and events, children can use these as a springboard for their stories.
While working on the planning stages of narrative writing, children can brainstorm to describe and visualise their characters, settings and events and use the additional templates available in the resource to map out their stories.
•Students choose one of each element (character, setting and event) and use these as a springboard for ideas for their story.
•Spend time on each element. Look at adjectives to describe what the character looks like/their interests/strengths/friends/family etc.
•Use the prompts for the character/setting to support children to visualise and plan out these components of their stories.
•These ideas can be used as oral language or writing activities.
What’s included?
  • Characters name and image
  • Character prompt questions
  • Settings name and image
  • Settings prompt questions
  • Event name and image
  • Story writing templates (various)
Print and cursive versions included

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