Cuntas Míosúil Template


A super simple 2 page cuntas míosúil


This is an extremely basic document – 2 a4 pages with a box for each subject. Within each subject I include what we will be covering – sometimes this may include the name of a story or comprehension, the exact times tables facts, but mostly it will say History – 1916 (and sometimes I include 3/4 things we will cover so for example it might be key event (timeline), key figures.)

Now I can simply glance at the document and quickly see what we will be covering. I keep a copy on my desk (in a plastic pocket) and tick it as it is completed.

Overall I think its important to note that this template is NOT approved by the DES but like I said in a previous blogpost – if you can justify it you should do it! (I think paperwork needs to be user friendly and actually useable rather than a pretty document for a pretty folder!)

Sample for September

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