Digital Word Wall


A digital word wall for your classroom



Do you find that you don’t have the space or a place in your classroom that everyone can see? This was the problem in my room so I decided to create a digital word wall for my class.

There’s a page for each letter and as the document is editable you can duplicate the slides as needed.

This will be updated on a daily basis with new words that we come across in our reading (both in Literacy and other subjects.) We use ‘Reading Zone’ as our class reader so we’ll use the highlighted (red) words as a starting point each week.

I teach 6th class this year so they also have a little notebook to keep track of new vocabulary. The children can also add their own words from their own reading too.

We’ll revise regularly by choosing a letter and quickly talking about the words for that letter or playing games such as VoBACKulary. The children can work in teams and one child will write a word on a whiteboard and another child will hold it behind their back. The other members of the team will try to define and explain the word and the child holding the board will have to guess what the word is. (This can be played in small groups or in the whole class).

Overall, I think this bank of vocabulary will be really useful for the whole class and the children can use their individual notebooks – especially in their writing work.

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