Early Finishers Maths


A set of early finisher activities for 3rd – 6th class for Maths


I’m done – what will I do now? There are always so many different levels in one class so I’ve put together a document catering for the needs of Early finishers within your classroom.

The early finishers tasks for Maths is designed to be challenging and also worthwhile so that children who finish their work early are not being punished by just doing another activity.

For Maths, there are open ended questions such as target numbers as well as working on multiples and factors and also some focus on money (using coins) which there is no correct answer to meaning that the children are willing to give it a go without the fear of getting it wrong.

The packs all have large (A4) per activity and also 4 activities on 1 page which gives teachers the option to display them on a busy board/early finishers display or else to print out the 4 per page and let the children decide or choose an activity for themselves.

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