Games for language and vocabulary development


A set of language games to play online or in class with your students!

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I love using different games in my classroom as transition activities or lesson warm ups. I find they really motivate the children and get them engaged and interested. I’ve played these games with 1st class up to 6th class and they work really well!

These games have a language and vocabulary focus and are perfect for whole class, small group/station teaching or in a S.E.T setting.

The games are available to purchase individually or you can save by purchasing them together with a bonus template for Stop the Bus and an alphabet spinner included free of charge!

Name something

  • Name something that is ….
  • Children can work individually or in groups to think of things that fit with the statement. Great for vocabulary, categorising and word recall.

Am I a … (jobs/animals/household objects)

Game 1:

  • One child is chosen to be ‘on’ and they close their eyes.
  • The rest of the class are shown an image of a job/animal/household object.
  • The child who is ‘on’ then asks questions to figure out what they are.

Game 2:

  • Each child is given an image
  • The child studies their image and writes/thinks of 2-3 clues to describe the item.
  • One child goes first and describes their item.
  • The class then ask questions and get a chance to guess what the occupation is.


  • A category is shared and a timer is set for 30 seconds. Children name as many items as they can within this category (and within the time limit). The child or group with the most at the end wins.

Associated words

  • A series of images are shared and children work in pairs to write down the first word they think of (associated with the word shown)
  • Children then see if they matched any words.

(Can also be played as a whole class game!)


Bonus files:

Stop the bus

Alphabet Spinning Wheel (perfect for games like Stop the Bus and Categories!)


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