Place Value Pack (3rd class)


Place Value Pack for 3rd class


  • Overview of digit card activities
  • Activities for whole class and individual children (powerpoint)
  • Vocabulary


This is a huge pack I’ve been working on all about place value for 3rd class. I love teaching Maths and I’m always asked how to teach different topics and what resources/ activities work well. This pack has 3 parts

  1. Place value vocabulary (this is suitable for 1st to 6th class)
  2. Digit card activities (this is an overview of a range of place value activities using digit cards – suitable from 1st to 6th class)
  3. Powerpoint – this is over 80 pages of activities for you to use in your class. (There are 5 examples for whole class work and then a set of questions for individual work too. Overview of activities below
    • What’s the number?
    • Write the number in words
    • Write the number in digits
    • Expanded form
    • Value of underlined digit
    • Make the largest number
    • Ordering numbers
    • Rounding – nearest 10
    • Rounding – nearest 100
    • Decimal numbers
    • Adding 10’s
    • Adding 100’s

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