Getting your routines right from the beginning of the year will save you so much time throughout the school year. One routine I always start with is ‘The Perfect Page’. I use this to show the children how to rule their copies for different copies to ensure that we have a clear way to layout our work.

The Perfect Page is a routine that I teach my class from Day 1 and the first page of every copy is kept blank (with just the layout) so the children know exactly what’s expected and have a clear example to look back on.

  • Literacy layout (used for Literacy and most other subjects)
  • Numeracy layout
  • Homework copy layout

For Literacy and Maths the layout is really straight forward. For homework – I had usually used the same layout as Literacy but a friend and I were talking the other day and she showed me the layout she uses which I really liked so I’ve decided to use that instead.

For Literacy;

For Maths;


For Homework;