Times Tables are a vital part of many mathematical concepts particularly as children to 5th and 6th class. If the children know their times tables it gives them an automatic headstart when learning new concepts as they are not held back due to a lack of knowledge with their tables.

In my class we do a lot of tables work at the beginning of each lesson from writing out the multiples of a given table, using tables boards and answering quick fire tables questions or playing games with tables.

Times Tables Powerpoint

In Order and Multiples

First up is the times tables and multiples section – each times table is written out on one page and the multiples on the second page. These can be displayed on the board and the children can recite them. (Helpful for visual learners). (Below you can see the times table for x2 and the multiples for x4)


Mixed order

Then the tables are in mixed order so the children can quickly jot down the answers or call out the answers.

Finally the times tables knockout where the tables are divided into groupings and then theres a slide with them all mixed together- perfect for tables champion!