Vocabulary Lists 6th class


A list of 300 words (divided into 25 sets of 12) for literacy stations for children to learn new vocabulary and practise their dictionary skills too!



For Literacy stations, I always have a vocabulary station where the children are encouraged to learn new words and use their dictionary/thesaurus to look up the meaning of the words.

I created these vocabulary packs for station teaching so the children can work independently at their station.

This is how I use them in my classroom;

1.  Write the word in red in your copy

2.  Use a dictionary to look up the definition of the word and write this underneath

3.  Write any other words with a similar meaning on the next line

4.  Put the word into a sentence

There are 25 lists for each class with 12 words per list – total of 300 words per pack.

This pack is for 6th class

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