WOW Award


An award to celebrate hard work and kindness in your classroom!


This is something I started last year but I don’t think I’ve ever shared it here. It is probably one of my favourite classroom management tools. In my class I have the usual rules and expectations but I also consistently talk about kindness and our school motto is ‘Treat Others As You Would Like to Be Treated’. In general, the children in my class get dojo points for good behaviour, working hard, showing kindness etc. but the WOW Award is given out randomly whenever I notice a child who is consistently going above and beyond – usually it’s a combination of hard work and kindness and in general my SNA and support teacher or another teacher have also made a comment about a particular child.

I don’t do it every week so I think this makes it extra special. It could happen on any day of the week and there’s huge excitement when I announce that I’m giving one out. I then give a description with tons of examples of why this child has deserved a WOW Award and the rest of the class usually have a good idea of who it is. At the end I announce the child’s name and the class erupts into applause – it’s really really lovely.

The child who has been awarded then gets a homework pass with a detailed description about why they have earned this award which they can then share with their parents and family at home.

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