Puppet – Irish lessons

This is Dubh – my puppet. I use Dubh in Irish lessons and the children love him. Dubh only speaks and understands Gaeilge.


Introducing new phrases

I usually use Dubh when introducing new phrases.

  • Dia duit Dubh
  • Dia is Muire duit a mhúinteoir
  • Conas atá tú?
  • Tá mé go maith.
  • An raibh deireadh seachtaine maith agat?
  • Bhí deireadh seachtaine maith agam. Chuaigh mé go dtí an phictiúrlann. Chonaic mé scannán nua.

Cá bhfuil Dubh?

This was one of the phrases we learned this week.

  • Tá Dubh sa chófra.
  • Tá Dubh sa bhosca.
  • Tá Dubh sa bhosca bruscar.
  • Tá Dubh sa mhála.

The children asked the question. One hid Dubh and the class then had to search and find him and answer ;Tá Dubh sa _______.






























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